The IGF Zone Protocol – Metabolic Hormone Optimization Program™ is a unique, patent-pending, comprehensive and combined medically proven program developed by healthcare professionals. The program is based on the principles of Growth-Hormone Optimization Medicine.™ Our Program optimizes your body’s natural production and release of Growth-Hormone, your body’s main metabolic hormone so that it directly improves and optimizes your healthy IGF Zone (Insulin Growth Factor) blood levels and reduces and controls unhealthy Cortisol hormone levels.

This is accomplished with our exercise-lifestyle-diet program and with the aid of our unique supplements including Gotropin™ our proprietary and clinically proven nanoliposomal sublingual dietary supplement spray specifically developed and targeted to boost Growth-Hormone levels. It will help optimize and balance your metabolic hormones Growth-Hormone and Cortisol naturally so you can avoid costly and painful Growth-Hormone replacement shots!!

Our Comprehensive Health Coaching and Medication Management Program works directly with your physician to get you healthy and to break the vicious cycle of merely treating your disease symptoms. Working with your physician we review your medical treatment, labs and medications and make recommendations to your physician to help you get healthy fast based on the principle of our IGF Zone Protocol Program. Let us help you get healthy and in the IGF Zone today!

The IGF Zone Protocol Program is not merely a diet but a comprehensive medical treatment program designed to get you healthy! We are all obsessed today with dieting but clearly, based on today’s accelerating rates of weight gain and obesity, dieting alone does not make you healthy and does not correct why you gained weight in the first place! Weight gain is your body’s first alarm that something is metabolically wrong with you! All diets eventually fail because they are focused predominantly on food deprivation and not on the true cause of fat and weight gain – metabolic hormone imbalance!

The true cause of fat and weight gain as we grow older is metabolic hormone imbalance predominantly due to chronic Growth-Hormone deficiency caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Unless you address the Growth-Hormone deficiency you will simply resume gaining fat and weight once you go off your food deprivation diet. Again, dieting alone does nothing to correct Growth-Hormone
deficiency or to improve metabolic hormone imbalance.

The IGF Zone Protocol testing together with our proprietary Gotropin™ product is designed to quickly detect metabolic hormone imbalance and to boost Growth-Hormone levels, accelerate your body’s fat burning capability and keep the fat off without starvation dieting! It will also help improve your virus fighting T-cell immune system function, help boost your good HDL cholesterol levels, help improve bone density and improve your mood and sleep habits!

If you have tried all the diet fads out there and failed to get healthy then try the IGF Zone Protocol the only combined healthy aging longevity program based on the latest medical science! Let us be your medical treatment advocates devoted to getting you back to the best health of your life! Your body will thank you!


Our Founder | Go Protocol

Renata Grassi-Conte, R.Ph., C.Ph.

Renata graduated St. John’s University in New York with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science. She is a registered and consultant pharmacist in both New York and Florida, specializing in general practice, geriatric and rehabilitative care. She is a consultant to numerous skilled long-term care nursing facilities, sub-acute care centers and assisted living facilities. She is also a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists as well as a health and fitness consultant.

Renata has been practicing clinical geriatric and rehabilitative pharmacy in hospital, community and long-term care settings for over 35 years. As a director of pharmacy services in long-term care facilities, she has worked tirelessly with physicians and staff to manage medical treatment and medication therapy for residents and patients. She is accomplished in improving outcomes, managing adverse effects and avoiding drug interactions as well as limiting the use of unnecessary medication (polypharmacy).

Renata’s many in-service presentations to staff and residents focus on the value of combined exercise, diet, lifestyle, and supplements to increase Growth-Hormone Optimization and enable healthy aging. She is the founder of ARC Pharma LLC, and the developer of the IGF Zone Protocol – Metabolic Hormone Optimization Program.